Wednesday, 16 January 2013

10 steps of car salles agent

1. Great meeting:
This is the introduction of the car sales person to the potential car buyer. You shake hands with him, exchange names and try to get comfortable with each other introduce him self like buddy.
2. Discovery:
Ask from customer or questions and try to understand what they want, such as options, colors, new or used, price range etc.
3. Choose a Vehicle:
If you put him or her in the wrong car you won't sell them no matter how good a car sales agent you might be.You must be sure to choose a vehicle in their price range they actually like and want to drive home.
4. Why Buying Today:
After selecting the right car ask from him or her why you should buy it now. It could be any reasons depending on the car. It could be special financing, other interested buyers or the big sale that is going on.
5. Walk around:
You will be instructed him/her about cars speed,tires,engine also what it sounds like. You show the customer all of the features and benefits from under the hood to the interior of a car.
6. Test Drive:
You taking your customer for a test drive 5 to 10 minutes drive because save your customer time and dont make customer bored.
7. Negotiation:
You present payments and numbers to the customer and overcome objections which keep you car buyer from saying yes!!! i take it.
8. Closing sale:
There are many different car sales closing techniques which you can use to close the car sale which are based on the type of customer you are selling.

9. Delivery of car:
will doing from paperwork to greeting the car ready for delivery and introducing your customer to the business manager there names,occupation etc.
10. Follow Up customer:
It is important that you will make customer happy and satisfied and give to customer your visiting card and also take from customer so they will return and buy more cars over the years.
As you can see,there is much more to selling cars and collecting will have sales scripts and psychological factors that are involved in selling cars professionally.
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